In partnership with Maggie’s Voice Equestrian Center and Voyage of Hope Therapy Services

Wednesdays have become Find Your Voice days!
Based at Maggie’s Voice Equestrian Center near Llanfabon, this therapeutic family support project is one of our most exciting initiatives for 2022!
Many local families need additional support for children struggling with challenging behaviour; yet schools are under resourced and over stretched and waiting times for those who need an official diagnosis can be years – This can leave parents feeling desperate and overwhelmed.

The idea

Elinor Brewer, owner and visionary of ‘Maggie’s Voice’ has created a nurturing, client led environment, with her experience and passion for the therapeutic capabilities of horses. Coupled with the support and expertise of Louise Worrall of Voyage of Hope Therapy Services, we began exciting discussions of how we could partner to benefit families in need. We approached the 1910 Trust and Bute Energy and pitched an idea to work in partnership with local schools to provide farm-based therapeutic sessions with horses for children struggling with mainstream school.

Horses are amazing emotional reflectors, they help us understand our body language, our energy levels and how our communication impacts the world around us. Working therapeutically with horses also boosts self esteem and confidence as the person is empowered to take care and provide for another living creature; children who often feel they do not ‘fit’ or cannot ‘achieve’ in the same way as their classmates blossom in this natural environment, away from the formalities of a classroom setting.

Supporting parents

At Little Lounge we firmly believe that one of the best ways to support the well being of local children is to support their parents. Thanks to our funders, not only do the children benefit from this project, but whilst the child is working with the horses their parent gets a one to one session with a therapist, to get advice, sign posting or just to off load to a sympathetic ear.
Thanks to Arnold Clark Community Fund we created a comfortable coffee area on the farm, with sofas, a fully stocked fridge, toaster and a coffee machine donated by Tesco. We are really proud of this holistic family approach.

Louise from Voyage of Hope Therapy Service commented “This is the first project I’ve been involved in which takes into account the well being of the parents.”

We have worked with 10 local families and the overwhelming feedback has been fantastic.
Kirsty, Mam of Paris aged 12 said “I’ve really noticed the difference in her, knowing she’s got this to look forward to on a Wednesday it gives her something to focus on, she’s been loads calmer.”

Pontypridd High School Alternative Curriculum staff have indicated that this is a provision they would like to continue for their students; we are absolutely over the moon to have been a catalyst in creating this partnership and hopefully Find Your Voice will have a lasting positive impact on local families for years to come.

For more information on the services provided by Voyage of Hope Therapy go to

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2 thoughts on “Supporting local families”

  1. Being part of this project firstly as a parent then on a work basis I have seen first hand how this project helps children and their families. To see a child who always looks at the floor and is very closed off open up with such happy emotion when at find your voice project is something I will never forget! Absolutely amazing work x

  2. Thanks Rach!
    It’s been so good to have you champion the project, from being a parent to now being part of the Ponty High staff!
    Really hoping the partnership with Ponty High continues!
    Katie xx

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